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Pneumonia is not necessarily a fatal disease. If properly taken care

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measles as small pox. Consequently the separation of small pox from measles

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gists been superseded by the r europathic of Professor Donders.

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of the responsibility of being our brother s keeper reacts upon ourselves

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It is a disease of temperate climates and affects ordinarily persons more

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Median Surface of Brain of Monkey Horsley and Schafer.

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Eevolution and a surgeon in the Continental Army. He was a graduate

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Prognosis. The prognosis depends upon the severity of the epidemic.

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stopped by packing the wound with a tampon of gauze and subsequent

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The Te ts for Cocaine Myxedema wit i Flexures Spinal

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ments which serve some definite and useful purpose

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throughout the States of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Florida Ar

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Symptoms. The incubation period varies from eight to seventeen days.

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adenopathies more trivial fever and shorter duration.

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interrogation oint a case of endocarditis reported by Isham and from John

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with alkaline fluids such as lime water or with boiled starchy flnidg

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The theory the essential part of which namely tlie conduction of

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ansesthesia. By far the most important symptoms of tumor in this region

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eflScacy of quinine is often increased if it be administered with some

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very cold climates clothing and carbonaceous food enable the individual

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they were terms of equivalent force to typhoid fever or scarlatina whereas they

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revolutionary war serving purtof the time in the Navy and part in tb

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disease characterized by fever and prostration and often accompanied by

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body are commonly grouped together under the designation protein.

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than in the series of Wallenberg Gaudard and Sachs.

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There are few general directions about the giving Fio. lo. The fkeb

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to presentation of part the lodging of the head for hours at some

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This fever from the prominence of the gastro intestinal symptoms is often

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concern in the United States Avho are bottling and sell

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juries and diseases of the spine Injuries and diseases of the

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liouse these tiles are tied and bonded into the walls between the outer

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Morbid Anatomy. The lesions are those already described under Local

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more gradual. The i atient has complained of headache vertigo numbness or

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the lower end of the upper fragment which may perforate the skin.

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lesion. As a rule sensation is not disturbed. The reflexes are usually

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rapid extension of the purulent inflammation through

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per cent. Among the fatal cases nearly three fourths of the deaths occur

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usually a fatal result occurs speedily. This disease is called gaseous

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