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of France and Italy A. d. Gregory of Tours of its epidemic occurrence

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and for a moment or two talk rationally. There is usually absolute insomnia.

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It Is aiBo amrmed that the objections urged against the

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and alarming. These are especially apt to be present in those persons in

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and cardiac failure partly of nervous and partly of muscular origin. Intense

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enable him to bear the change better. The fresh linen

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ever not included in our list of household remedies

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quinine given only two hours before or given during a paroxysm does not

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however practically harmless and if kept in powder may be administered

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ing generations. It is a peculiarity like other hereditary peculiarities

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and legs all symptoms finally being swallowed up in a complete paralysis

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chronic eczema about the scalp and face are probably a not uncommon

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Under what is called the right of eminent domain the government may

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with difficulty in one containing per cent there is marked difficulty

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PCase illustrating an Unusual Cause of Obscurity in the De

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It id needless to attempt to describe in detail the numerous classi

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physiological processes of our bodies are physical but are indeed also

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pertained to Pills but it is only since their manufacture has

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drops alcohol four ounces. Mix. Rub into the scalp at night with a

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poisons yet others bear them well and are benefited by them. Exces

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not uncommon. The frequent combination of croupous pneumonia with men

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but the characteristic symptoms quickly resumed their course of development.

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or alcohol and a disinfecting dressing applied some

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Analyses of the expired air have revealed nothing of importance save the

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spleen are most involved or careful examination will show the presence of

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disease often becomes chronic and is then a constant menace to the life

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must however be borne in mind that women should never play tennis

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rye grass cabbages and mangolds which are not injuriously affected by

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my colleague the late Edward Rlioads to study several hundred cases which

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brought up should be the brightest sunniest room in the dwelling prefer

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other end of the syringe in the bowl of warm soapsuds. Compress tlie

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Naturally treatment to be efficacious must he directed to the cause

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History. It has been claimed by Murchison and other writers that typhoid

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l efore considering these anomalous epilepsies I shall discuss in more detail one

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Ghistonbury but upon the breaking out of the Revolution entered the

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sive destruction of tissue takes place which gradually advances leaving

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and certain way in which he can serve God and his fellow man.

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account but to prevent inoculation of others and the use of alcohol should

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