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sutficient, and he still believes that there is another cause
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tions and cauterization, but is usually of little avail. I'nlike lupus
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and wished to estimate their resources ; also, if possible, to center
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this case. Prof. Miller dressed the wound with the stump fixed ex-
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one, however able and conscientious a worker, could not do
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political wrangling, and other pastimes. These men,
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fluid extract of ergot, aconite, or cannabis Indica he need include in his
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perished by this malady in four years, he could not discover a single oil-
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of air, which, however, had no other inconvenient effect than that of
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pass dark-colored, and threw down a heavy, brick-colored
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On the Relation of the Electrical Conductivity of Blood
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it was Beneke to whom the credit belongs of having first pointed
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took the medicine only twice a day? and washed the as yet unservice-
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more effectual. The freezing-point of the blood is normal or
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is spread are: — By animals suffering from the disease
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DoEliEKT's paper on this topic {Berl. Idin. ]\'rJiusrhr., 1904, ^Nlay 2) is
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addressed to the system. Hygienic measures, viz., nutritious diet and
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stopped without their benign assistance, and the flora and
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was applied, but no matter found. The patient died next
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almost moribund from intestinal obstruction it was good surgery to
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on small doses that we can get better results. I believe when
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to our specialists in surgery do we owe high honors for the help
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consumption supervene ; not that it is injurious, but simply ineffective. In the
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resonance is variously affected in the same way as vocal fremitus. When
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409-413.— Chapin (H. D.) Typhoid fever in young chil-
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nistered, and usually the hernia would finally be reduced.
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among the provings, but a clinical experience ; and it is very
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the obstruction was situate in different segments of the upper bowel
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broken up into simpler bodies, most probably in the liver ; for
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The authorities of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, in which
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concise and well-arranged a work as this treatise by