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attested by the increasing number of victims of pyloric stenosis

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-way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else. — Ruskin.

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mostat at 37 C. for five hours and examined microscopically. To

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thoroughly fair series of examinations, requiring only ordinary

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vaccination, leaving a scar of a dusky red color which gi-adually becomes

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what is going to be cut, otherwise a snip of tissue deep down in the neck

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at the military provincial depots Kamito and Kogawa.l

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fluid looks like turbid water, but is quite translucent on infiltration. It is

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cavities and to prevent the accumulation of fluids in them^

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inner-city minority groups, initially all black but now 25%

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The obstruction may be seated in the pelvis, ureter, bladder, or urethra, and,

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cal there can, I venture to think, be little doubt.'

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are generally dismissed into the category of cases curable on

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the uterus and its appendages was in a much more deplorable state than

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23. Prieto M, Sutherland DER. Najarian JS. et al: Early diagnosis and treatment

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but desire again to call your attention to certain differ-

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The relation of heart-dulness to ohest-eiroumference is clearly shown.

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dier, from a study of these and other cases, concludes that

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in Europe, where every country has its particular Flora, though

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merly been able to take an unusually large quantity of

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Clinical Significance. — In normal persons past the

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and his breathing heavy. The temperature in the axilla was

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and the modest amount of savings to which he may, through a

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The only practical work done since Rontgen presented

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tetany in the post-puerperal. He then went on to consider

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the like. .\t the same time it should not be forgotten

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astringent and local sedative in the pharmacopoeia. Every

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structure throughout the mammalian series, but this, as well as the question

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