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scribed spots in the parenchyma, more rarely the half or the whole
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ited ; and the little transparent book-louse, the insect found
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same time find a dulness in the thorax which reaches farther upward
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The majority of cases of traumatio pneumothorax are not, as a
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other catarrhs of this membrane, both by its mode of origin and by fits
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although we encounter occasionally a puzzling ambiguity of
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order of the laryngeal mucous membrane. It seems rather to be an
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epidemic during seasons of its protracted prevalence. Many
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Treatment — Prophylaxis. — As whooping-cough scarcely ever oc-
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symptoms resulting from perforation into the gall-bladder, or exter-
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table or board, as the case may be, or attached to a cord and
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a group of symptoms which are often difficult to account for, until
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the affection arises from disturbance of the circulation, it may exceed
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those of one or other malady usually predominating. Insufficience
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peculiar kind which is almost pathognomonic of delirium tremens. He
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a, chair-back, the chair being kept firm by a suitable weight
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The material for thir paper consists of the following culture-:
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tion with which we have here to do essentially excludes the idea of a
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Botalli, in which it sets up a current counter to the foetal blood-stream.
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latation of the left ventricle is the rarest of all.
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342-353. — * Actinomycose primitive de la peau. Lyon mid., (1898), 88,
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a drop of blood on a piece of cloth, error may arise from the fact that the cloth
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treatment, the first attack of lead-colig usually subsides in a few days
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its normal sensation, and is not attended with pain. It is not
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no symptoms of disease of the larynx existed. In other cases the relax-
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Brett (1840), Gill (1842), Godfrey (1844), Colebrook (1844), Gunther
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cular consumption, cancerous cachexia, and cancerous suppuration, or
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chyma of the irritated organ ; this is usually accompanied by a diminu-
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the heart is nearly always degenerated Physical examination must
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downward. 2. In the very rare instances in which, through enlarge-
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tinal canal of a pig is an assumption absolutely without warrant.
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15th to the 19 th there had been diarrhoea for two days, which
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by medical officers stationed at Cavite and Olongapo go to prove that
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traction of the cerebral vessels, the brain is deprived of its due supply of
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naeum; it is often difficult to decide which of the two is the case. In
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city of dividing or divulsing instruments to deal efficiently
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becomes incrusted with black scabs, by the distended abdomen and
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Dr. Greenhalgh agreed with Dr. Meadows that pelvic ha?matocele was
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those just mentioned. This is sometimes owing to an elevated or de-
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* Corda. Prachtiflora enropaischer Schimmelbildungen, Leipzig u. Dresden,
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dyspnoea, as far as it depends upon these complications. The part which
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lium), young cells, and more or less undigested and slightly-changed
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Path. Soc, London (1870)), Bristowe (Trans. Path. Soc., London (1871)), Hogg