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hemorrhagic zone about this area there were numbers of
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of the lower fourth of the thigh, with a few faint dusky lines
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heart have reached an adjustment, in which the causes producing the rise
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tainly possess some technical knowledge, else they would
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tlie wound. Each socket shows a vertical cut through wliicli,
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the commencement of the sixteenth century, or about the
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and nearly all its posterior surface and a great part of its
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At the Congress of the French Surgical Association,
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sea, where the light is reflected by a vast mirror — the waves.
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Dislocation of the Testicle.— Dr. Ramon Guiteras pre-
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one of irritating and destructive lesion of the left paracentral
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the eyelids, but it is decidedly rare ; it seldom attains the size of a bean, and
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of the recurrent growth, and recorded the appearance iu the
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were far preferable and more reliable than those prepared as they usu-
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and tliat one should be guided by a^-rays. He thought that
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lesce into one voluminous mass, the percussion-sound is dulL At the
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able risk in operating on patients that are markedly
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then the posterior communicating artery, divides into two branches,
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present. If the inflammation is severe on or near the
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A CAT scan of the thigh was also performed. It was also
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in layers or sheets; in association with Guillaume Moly-
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examinations, they em commence their Professional studies after the
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will think of nations which stuffed Regent Street and
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ried to the duodenum. The bile was made from proteid
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carbohydrate produces a rapid and often a marked hyperglycemia.
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would have been left by Mr. Horsley's speech that the
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tion depends greatly upon the locality and rapidity
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are, however, two reported cases in which an actual venous pulse was
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to ? Why, our treasury will be drained of the last cent, and the State
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If, now, to a dilution of human blood-serum with physio-
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circulation, notwithstanding the want of satisfactory
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The state of the urethra and its appendages, shows (1.) The
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stationary for about a fortnight, the other muscles of the left
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nancy, on weight of, 165 ; fracture of clavicle in,
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