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the papers of Mr. Bader on these subjects published by him in
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deserves very great credit for the trouble he took to make him-
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found requisite to give her morphia, as she had become more violent,
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globe; the immediate effects of which were, a slight abduction of the right eye
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Fourth District — John T. Moore, Jr., M.D., Algood
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either suddenly, or after a long illness. It would seem however that the
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I2th. Passed a restless night, without a wink of sleep, and this morning
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heavy wraps that personal comfort does not call for, and
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in the case of blood. When sprinkled on the epidermis, there is a
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lymphoid tissue is abundant, and appendicitis is charac-
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Trousseau, speaking of pregnancy in connection with chorea,
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cause unpleasant feelings or strangulation. A weight of 8 pounds was sus-
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To the medical student then, we conceive that we cannot too strongly urge
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round cell tissue, made up of the two faucial tonsils, the
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" 5. That it is seldom^ if ever^ excited by a suppurative inflammation
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the central lacteal. These special absorbent organs appeared to be
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all the cases of fever of this type among our troops were reported under the
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riding in street cars whenever they can. Prosperity
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they shrivel, become jagged and otherwise irregular, and no longer
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It is a curious fact that office buildings and homes
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escaped the wide-spread and most destructive visitation of these years. It is
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senses. Nevertheless, the absence of diarrhoea would not render the diagnosis
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(Other like observations to tnose of the author would diminish this
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deeply, though not forcibly, and not faster than the
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fecting case of an individual who, in order to avoid the conscription, had his eye
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of the seventh vertebra, perfectly explains the sensation of bruising and the
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excellent chromolithographs attached to the volumes of MM.
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October 2d. The respite was of short duration, as she was again attacked with
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diseases of the liver and consumption; from 50 to 60 years, from apoplexy and
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times, of great importance pathologically, and likely, when more
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case. At this period the disease occupied his whole face, wliich was
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a shower of small drops having fallen on the part*^ (Mont-
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matism; exophthalmic goitre, or Graves's disease; angina
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nrnnCy and of memory and imaginatkm. A self-conseryative
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three years and a half, was admitted labouring under stone in
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fusing to the reader ; and in several instances German anatomical
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the most exterior of which were dense and nearly colourless, while the interior