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£70 per annum, with board and residence. Apphcatious to W. K.
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was 100°. He was slightly confused about the length of time
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Dr. Fritz Elsneb. (Hamburg u. Leipzig : Leopold Voss.) —
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The patients to whom I had recourse were Marguerite ,
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the Alleghany Reservation in 1859, was variously estimated
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ment) or in a region (two or three departments) of France or
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tured and divided, the mass raised up, and a ligature passed
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who were untruthful and guilty of gross impostures, then he
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Dr. Stainthorpe, of Saltburn, stated that there would be an
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pages of tlie Jouenal, of the proceedings of tlie Council of the
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and on seeing her soon afterwards I found for the first time a painful
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dition of the metropolitan cemeteries with a view to the adoption of
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Government should have refused to distribute, as a start' allowance to-
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New Members.— The minutes of the previous meeting
tetracycline in acne treatment
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general grounds, there are certain exceptions where they are
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H. Horrocks, B.Sc, Owens College and Manchester Royal In-
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8u -'eon of Beerbhoom, is appointed to act as Civil Surgeon of Hazaree-
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Medical Society. This meeting was attended by Sir Joseph
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certain measure of responsibility." He is careful to recom-
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of the Statistical Department of the Registrar-General's
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there were 2 deaths ; (b) in 6 cases for hydronephrosis
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cord and failed to keep it in situ, but allow Nature to use her
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my experiments, and who have signed the notes of the sit-
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_ The President pointed out that Mr. Ourgenven's sugges-
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LiGHTBUBSE, Edmund A., L.K.C.S., L.R.C.P., and LM.Edin., appointed