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story that he has developed heart-disease : "Please give me
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morbid change is centred in the atheroma of the inner coat ; whilst in
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brains of nearly full cerebro-psychical development and of apparent
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body. Where, however, wheals arise in response to a mechanical
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the conduct of the patient more or less ; although he may recognise that
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pipettes are ordinarily not used for precise measure-
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particularly if some such youth has been dominated and directed by a
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and bullous eruptions of the limbs, the extreme facility with which
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to him a justification for the most extreme measures of retaliation, even
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in children, not only in the stage of retrogression, but during their
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6. Nonexpendable Items. These are items such as tools and
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deposit in the latter. According, to Ballantyne, the condition is ana-
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the too excitable tissue. Quinine, arsenic, strychnine, and the like may
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Gorlitz). It disappears spontaneously in three to four weeks.
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conditions (for example sunburn), probably play no part in their pro-
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shook his obstinate head, and replied, in a vicious under-