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doctrine established. The rapidity of its spread has been made an
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muscles are rigid from irritation or inflammation at the nervous centre.
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for hearing and <let('rmination to a dispute commit-
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during the passing of the mucous tubes. Unlike the cylindrical
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upon awaking in the morning. The pain in these relapses, like
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(6) A solid mass, due to morbid growth or other conditions.
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2. Diffuse Interstitial Nejphritis. — This corresi)onds very
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his experiments on dogs that seven-eighths of the intes-
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care and now, six months from the beginning of the attack, she is able to bear a
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discs. Once or twice he became able to count fingers, but
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some time. In one the first attack followed typhoid fever. I
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Of course there are followers of Freud, or at least
To account for this rapid downfall of the French philoso-
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For accurate determinations, either of the total albumin or of serum
of the instructor to whose courses admission is sought, or of an official representative
mouth if I do.' Having prescribed antipyrin in some hundreds of
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tors in patients with hemophilia B are less common. There
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that, in proportion as the principles of Christianity
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Ridge township; Dr. W. R. McCain, 1897, science the physicians of Union county are
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habit of carrying corrosive sublimate put up in gela-
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employed. It was followed by increased heat of the joint ; and this
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the way in which relapses occur after causes entirely inadequate
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lege where his son could be taught materia medica and thera-
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XXXV, 275-280. — Bnrnliani (G. H.) A case slmwing
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in the cord and groin, and of cramps in the right forearm.
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tine, liq. amnion, acetat. A good word is said for all of
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It paralyzes the heart directly, and by way of the vagus nerve.
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can only be palliative. Surgical measures are rarely curative unless the
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As to their habits, they are, so to speak, country mosquitos, and
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rulers' haiwft added lurther injury to the bavoe xsaiised by plaguy.
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prayer and repentance. This is the calculation : The
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examined under the microscope it exhibited pus cells, plenty of free
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The prognosis is favorable in itself, but dependent on the cause.
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heart was very extensively involved, the condition being apparently
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ment 28, rat 2U9 escaped infection when exposed to infection by 138 fleas
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of the two conditions. Ecstatic religious excitement often begins with a
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very great. From the increased duration of the second
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I could do anything to prevent her death, which oc-
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plication of intense cold. Pressure is supposed to act
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upon the developmental defects; (3) the acquired causes of disease
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Causes. — Wasting diseases, a lack of blood supply or nour-
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h( lM> nhftp'^^rr. i. rliniinntim. ir ttif- nuBXitiTT of albmnan
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lobes it is highly important to leave the pos- ^[y^^ ,„ay rupture into the peritoneal cav-
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