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auricle may cause dulness upAvard and to the left of the sternum. En-

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vacuolated. The connective tissue between the muscle-fibers is normal.

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speaking, the dietary should be constituted as follows: succulent vege-

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They are characterized by double hemiplegia or paraplegia, increased re-

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enlargement of the left auriculo-ventricidar ring, resulting from excessive

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enlargement of Basedow's disease Avith its additional unequivocal symp-

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the iodid may be added mercuric chlorid in suitable doses, though the

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urethra, may be of service, and in the female Sanger suggests massage

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milk is excellent, particularly if renal symptoms be manifested. Per-

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are also the mucous membranes (conjunctivae, labise). In anemic subjects

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Urethritis. — The pus is in small quantities, is passed in advance of

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institution. This is not merely a day when the Massachusetts

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world over have changed radically from this opinion until most

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1910, in Portland, Oregon, was a great shock, not only to a large circle^ of

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applied to the head. Sleep should be obtained by the use of chloral,

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particularly horseback riding or gymnastic motions that bring the ab-

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pens, none at all. Mullin of Hamilton has reported a case that lasted

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lion-cells, instead of exhibiting normally-formed chromophilic bodies,

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marked difficulty. Ascites must be distinguished in practice from the

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but his attention was specially called to the matter by a case of whitlow

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The muscles of the lips and other muscles of the lower part of the face

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or straining at stool, is also dangerous and must be prevented. If

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school we find this eager desire for the basic truths of the

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solid elements are removed, and the cavity that remains contains more

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most instances, and particularly that large element composed of neurotic

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issue, as will also the obituary of Dr. Edward F. Vose of Portland, Me.,

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of the patient's first visit to his physician he may give a history of having

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as 600 stones have been removed from the gall-bladder in this manner.

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Voluntary movements are more impaired Voluntary and emotional movements

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neurotic subjects. The onset is gradual ; pain is less acute; and tym-

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