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First Vice President — Claude B. Williams, M.D Elizabeth City

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In course, the excrescence must be pared around. The

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tion. 2 ' 5 - 7 - 9 ' 12141619 ' 21 Of the 58 wounds, 29 (50%) were in

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hydrochlorate as a local anesthetic. Med. & Surg. Ke-

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symptoms caused by the parasite on man and on the dog ?

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alimentary canal, the respiratory and the genito-urinary tracts, are so

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ing had it for years.* Then it disappeared, remain-

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It is a novel view of the traditional relation between

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circles inside the human body, (&) their morphologic charac-

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" systematization and co-ordination " of the clinical teaching in

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of dilute hydrochloric acid in a glass of water, to be sipped at intervals

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The necessity of being guided by the law of gravity in

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120 horses, 60 of which were attacked within a year after they had l>een

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are various maladies of high importance, which may have their origin

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insignificant and the jaundice and haemorrhages entirely absent. On the other

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be possible for a clever graduate in Arts to scramble through and get his degree a little

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But having now for some time closely watched the process of labour,

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who have had abundant opportunities for observing the disease.

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