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true of climates deemed favorable to its cure. Indeed, in such localities the

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group — the infectious myositides — as Kader^ proposed in his monograph

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between this disease and osteomvelitis, both clinically and bacteriologically,

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and being so very different in its symptoms, as well as in the event, it would

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The nails are large, even 2.5 cm. broad, and curved both longitudinally

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erosion of bones, indicating abnormality. It may reach the size of an

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convexity, not the concavity, of the twisted bone. And in the case of the

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,1 liiraiis tlir |iiil;i>»ilUII stiiills ihtcllM' lihirU. Ill M'u:ftiilil lis. Infill

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.Mm-h work is, of eouise, yet to I.e done iMfoi-e we ean dftrnniiie the

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ivlated to cholesterol: indeed, the relationship is so close that some have

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nephrectomy is contemplated, it is highly advisable to perform ureter

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!■.•■. The slope. (•!; ;;1 the to)) of the luirette is ihuilile-hored, so that i"

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esoidiasriis, at the lower end of which, on acconnt of the closure of tlir

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is that tlie stiiiinlatiun nl tiie u'llt eailses eonl laetion ahuve the |)()iiit ol'

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it adhered slightly to the iris. The pupil, rendered

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tated, as tnis often throws an important light upon the original diagnosis,

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often suffice for the diagnosis of the dbease. The most characteristic

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advocated this in 1893.' Poncet and his pupils have written much on this

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liv uliirli I'i'lliilai' toxins in i.>'<'i>''>'al ili'\i'l<i;i tlirii' arliim. ami tlii' rnmlitiniis

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Insteail ol" in.jeetinj; the laetie aeiil, we may eause it to lie pimlueeil

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ihriii (see pai;e oSO). hilt heim^r assisled in the iip|piisite ruilelinn cd' Te-

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•'"•1 «itli l\Mi s|.;;iiiiir|ris In Uv I tliiivVMiy s| ,,|wii,ks. Tlic s|.i iclcrs ;dc nf (h..

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a period of rest. In winter a dry, warm climate is desirable, such as that

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The all'erent stimuli that may set up impulses iiavelinu: hv the extrin-

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Osteitis deformans (Paget) differs from acromegaly in the absence of

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iiiu!i,i! U[\ has liecome di mposcd Iiccanse of the pre|ionderaiice of

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Diagnosis. — ^A rapidly enlarging tumor mass in the kidney area with early

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and associated with some fibrillary tremors. A case of this kind occurring

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