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of Hyposensitization: The Clinically Lessened Sensitiveness of Allergy), Jour.
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905. Lambs' Fry (French)— Ingredients— 2 sets of lambs' fry, 2
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dilated, as has the pancreas. In the brain and spinal cord there is only slight
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Ice-water is something over thirty-two degrees, and, when swallowed, mixes with
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Honorary Members, North Carolina Medical Society xvii
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of air embolism are urgent or even fatal
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Batten (Frederick E., M.D.), three cases of family progressive
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condition. The thickening of the tibia is especially on its anterior margins.
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reaction should be tried. To do this, a fine pencil of light should be thrown on
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foreign substances like pins, hair-pins, shawl-pins put
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In all of these cases the blood may flow downwards into the