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under such circumstances, proved fatal. Treatment under such circum-

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Tactile sense contributes less than any of the other three senses

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already evident on the neck. Marked angina, the tongue still character-

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16°. Toulouse, cliez la veuve de J. -J. Bonde, 1703.

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tion, 588; Methods for Determining Carbon Dioxid, 590.

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nasal, and there is frequent nasal regurgitation. The right vocal cord is

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had himself written to the former gentleman. On reading this,

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(W. L.) A uterine cutting forceps. Boston M. & S. J.,

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of syphilis, and especially the dangers to innocent per-

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believe, if specially looked for. Among the causes of

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injury which is regarded as slight till the symptoms of blood poison-

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lower, the coma or stupor becomes more constant and

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Society for .Medical Observation, 276, .376; Cambridge Society for

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tirely to the treatment, which consisted of placing the chil-

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Beaumetz regards the promotion of abundant diuresis

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Treatment. — The use of the fracture-box with pillows generally

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Exarticulation of the Thigh Bone at the Hip Joint . . . 149

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and the stroke of the apex against the chest wall. The cause of the

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tions of the eye. The orbits are lined with periosteum, and contain

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by the Injection and Application of Bromine. Dr. Wynn Williams . 254

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In no case would the mere fact of tho accused suffering at tlio

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is important to add that it may occur as the first aud only dropsical aflection

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In thrombosis the circulation is usually enfeebled.

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rays were in certain respects like the cathode rays

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lished [British Medtcal Journal, March and April, 1866) his "Reminiscences

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months the extent to which the above remedies are used

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"well as chronic dysentery; and though a certain degree of diminution

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from the literature, of which 26.5 per cent, gave evidence of syphilis. These

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eight hours. There have now been, as fir as we understand,

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sooner than the 1st nor later than the 15th of October;

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Wis., preferably one who has had practical experience

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be regarded as of little weight at the present time, from the fact that until the

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tant in both diagnosis and pathology ; and it is not

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symptoms, such as cranial, rectal, vesical, or pelvic pain, a feel-

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dorsal and lateral postures. The saving of time may be no

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Sterility itself although very firequent, does not constantly accompany

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lOOKtimes coalescing give to the surface a mammclonated aspect.

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vomiting. Because some of the side effects resemble AMS,

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The term arterio-sclerosis, often termed endarteritis deformans, has

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articulation were thin and detached; the ends of the bones spongy; no tuber-

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similar to the well-known Bell method now used in edu-

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I li'-' -.lij iiui-i 1h- Jc.inl- -li,m,l ,11 ,,,,., ,11 1, ; I ■

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hausen, of Berlin, agrees with Jordan, and considers

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diarrhoea, are due to intestinal irritation alone. Some authors

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Some of his prostatic juice expressed during examination