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be improperly nourished and the health impaired in consequence.

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It is however not common in ordinary hemiplegia. The most important

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involuntary escape of the contents of the bladder and lower bowel.

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temperature diminishes the excretion of moisture by the lungs and the

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there is high fever with delirium and tenderness over the mastoid process

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microbes is added. Unless seen in its early stages the disease must often

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developed a severe arthritis in his right shoulder.

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inflammation affects the connective tissue of the broad ligaments

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The microscope enables the observer to look for blood disks and

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The chief symptoms are due to the bronchitis which causes more or

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the outer or peritoneal surface of the abdominal viscera.

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serious surgical operation until the patient has rallied unless it be neces

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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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as a surgeon at Albany April. He was an ardent patriot and an

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and usually upon the presence of the symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

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form a travois or litter upon which the patient lies see Fig..

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Malarial fever was almost unknown in the island of Mauritius up to the

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organs. This difference is shown in the effects of iron and digitalis.

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the non puerperal condition. By far the majority of cases are pro