Zantac Infant Overdose

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Postmortem Examination (fourteen hours after death). — The

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what large, the right side full of blood, the left empty."

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office of examiners of candi<lates for the Army Medical

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ill-ventilated, and uncomfortable in summer. That, it may

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Dr. ,T. Glaister, of Glasgow : Stillbirths : Medical Examina-

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STAFFORDSHIRE BRANCH.— The third general meeting of the present

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Gazette ot April 18th. He is replaced in the same position

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Eden, W. A , L R.C.P.Lond. 8chofield, S. R., L R.C P.Lond.

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indefatigable secretary to the Ilnion, to whose labours the

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was quite tympanitic everywhere, aud contained gas. There was very

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pecuniary sacrifice in relation to the would-be patient than risk the

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in this direction might be a constant cause of down draught

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hood of the Order of St. Thiago was conferred on him by the

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Cavernosum ; (5) Aneurysm of the Vertebral Artery in a

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Hehaid called Mr. Cuffe's attention to theefi'ect that the statute

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These are but instances of our larger ports, but they show a state of

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This rate is regarded as a very favourable one, and as being,

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Thomas) was submitted. Dr. Thomas stated to the board

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Street branch of the Seamen's Hospital, and in 1889 he was

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till November 21st, 1892. His deatli occurred most unexpectedly. In the

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appendix -with tuberculin, with results tliatdiffered considerably in dif-

zantac infant overdose

and the active director of a Poliklinik, which was largely

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ended March 31st last. This being so, the Editor expresses

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E.— House-Physician. Board and lodging provided. Applications to

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Brighton : Dr. W. .-Vlexander, Liverpool ; Mr. H. Allingliam, London ;

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January 14th. Wound dressed, and some stitches removed

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at length under arsenic. It certainly does not improve the

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quiries by merely legal coroners often result in a verdict

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As far as census figures go, a great absolute and relative

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Isolation.— Eleven districts expended £2,578 on the isola-

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cised and was healing. She also had some facial neuralsia.

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detected ; on the fourth and fifth day diarrhcea was present,

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healing in only one case. Amelioration of the general condi-