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6. If this fail to remedy the disorders of other muscles their nerve-
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Subsequent outbreaks have appeared in the same and other Poor Law
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(b) The white marks sometimes seen on the skin in cases of rapidly
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is cut, though the other feet are bathed in perspiration. Similarly,
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or nothing can be done. Nutritious food should be administered if
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action of the parasite makes it so brittle that it is easily crushed, between
promethazine hcl 25 mg tablet oral
cultures of this white coccus, from threads passed through the deeper
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affection as a neurosis, especially those who regard the itching and dis-
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but if the surgical operation is done not so much for the benefit of the
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localisation of the lesion either in the nerves or in the muscles, and
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insanity is most frequent. This coincides with the age when, in a normal
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accidental coincidences, or is the evidence sufficiently strong to warrant
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(3) A stripping movement starting at the base of the tail
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symptom which might perhaps be imitated by an astute malingerer, but
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In cases of true stupor there is suspension of mental action, but not
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insanity, and it is unnecessary here to follow them out in detail.
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antagonist of the muscle (tibialis anticus) and the abductors of the foot
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Linacre, from the account given by Sir John Cheke." It
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patient, conscious of his changed feeling, at first may recognise it as
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