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Upon blood serum the growth is very similar to that of strepto-

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and the Society evinced its interest in the efforts to advance the standard of

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Gully, Dr., his evidence in case of Bromwich versus

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Mrs. C. L. was sent me from Bradford, Mass. The patient

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the first course. A compromise, however, may be sug-

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use it further he turned to his arms, and as they in turn became

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coat has reached a certain degree of fibrous metamor-

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no action or an immaterial increase or decrease in excursion. The

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salivation seemed to him to be secondary to the irrita-

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aerial portion composed at the broad margin almost entirely of conidiophores, but be-

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although whether or not due to a specific bacillus, situated

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only useless, but an injury to those who are to come after us.

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students and practitioners. It is not a mere medley of compilation,

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blood serum. This reaction occurred between the serum of

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coinminuted fracture, in which there had been a loss of

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ment of wounds began to prevail. Shortly thereafter medicine demanded

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years, and before he could return to his bed he was

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of morbid conditions not resulting from proving, if thev are made

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1 cc. of blood from Guinea Pig 790, and both came down with typical symptoms

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either by the open method of cutting down upon them

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cal character, and Dr. Kane becairte more engaged in cliemieal

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tion," due either to a decrease or increase of some internal secretion.

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sionally observed, with destruction of the cellular elements. Fibrin

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1889, xvi, 49. — Pugni ( C. ) L' onorario nelle peiizie

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asparagus, cabbage and green peas). Except in very rigid

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guchi and co-workers observed for as long as five years 30

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He lived in the exercise, and died in the hopes of the faiUi, that though *the dust

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delphia, January, 1920, clix, ISTo. 1, p. 70) and Moynihan (Brit

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larged glands or with adenoid growths, to such a test, until prolonged

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Dakin-Carrel cases were conspicuously marked, and the treatment

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produce natural sleep in the earlier stages of insanity.

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slightly, if at all, less susceptible to pellagra than the white popula-

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1909 and 16 per cent, in 1910) ; but if we do not count the cases which

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fresh air is the street," he said. "It is manifestly un-

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was clo.sed and the young lady is doing nicely, and

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cient and less hazardous ? The author furnishes some exceedingly gratifying

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that the priests, in preparing them for sacrifice, noted the presence

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During the first three-fourths of the eighteenth century, the humoral

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slacken, thus favoring displacement ; this untoward

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consider the size of the pupil a much better guide than the

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13. A careless reader — so familiar to all writers — tells

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