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diarrluea and marasmus this is the history of a developing tuberculosis.

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Some Points in the Practice of Artificial Respiration in Cases

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The external genitals should be washed daily with clean water and a

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been often more or less denuded and the interglandular spaces filled with

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the skin the appearance of being covered with little black and blue

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They are almost invariably clear colourless transparent and brilliant

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and the promptness with which the patient comes under treatment. For

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absorbed the yellow colour persisting sometimes for months. Where the

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infrequently use the limb greatly to their own disadvantage. The ends

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diet for infants never occur where Ridges Food is used. So

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The theory of the perception of colors by the retina naturally

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others have often found of considerable value in lessening the frequency

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are more common and more frequent when there are delusions of grandeur.

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by compressing the main artery against the bone at a point above the

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of mental facts which can alone be directly observed by the individual

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and size and sometimes appears motionless sometimes in active motion.

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For an irrigation field a large territory of permeable sandy soil is

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Charge must first understand and believe in the contagious

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antiemetics especially cocaine may be tried but artificial feeding should soon

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this may indicate a higher degree of congestion of the corresponding lung.

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as the stomach will bear and that calomel should be cautiously administered

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acter they may at once assert their presence by calling out movements

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autopsies upon the insane skilled observers have failed to detect alteration of

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poultices will often give much relief. As a generally safe rule the laity

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mering over the softened gelatin add the sugar and wine and stir until

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The nervous co ordinations must be rearranged by strong stimuli in order

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perature a good deal lower than boiling. Boiling water Fahr.

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Soups should be free from fat and large quantities of vegetables. The

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Leaving for the present the consideration of their sources we may

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more commonly situated chiefly at the posterior aspect of the cord. The cord

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William Douglass M. D. a native of Scotland was educated at Ley

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tina. The strawberry tongue of scarlet fever is never seen.

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strength it becomes peevish and fretful toward evening is excitable difficult

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ture. Tonics such as iron quinine strychnine and cod liver oil are useful

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liquid food and powerful sedatives. A rare complication of fractures

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tage. One of the children was attacked Avith scarlet fever and died. The

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The advance of the head occurs during the contractions of the uterus and

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cord are emulsified with artificial gastric juice solution of English peptones

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