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State organization. As an illustration, we may refer
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tematic and logical arrangement of facts throughout this volume,
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Boston Medical Library. — The ])hvsicians ot l>«>^t^Ml held a
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unparalleled success, which, of itself, is the most indubitable evidence
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hyperuricemia, allergic glomerulonephritis, muscle spasm, weakness, restlessness. When-
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Diet.— The diet must be fluid, preferably in the form of whey,
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termed bilocular, bicorned, bifid, or double uterus,
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upon which this new Oxford College is to be erected, it is not
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6. All intestinal and some hepatic parasites decrease hand in hand
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to be perfectly cured, both anatomically and functionally. Tlie case was
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1851. EdLLiKBB, Albbbt, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at the
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siiow that in healing by blood-clot there is no danger
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restricted areas, as in cities and towns, and the mainti-
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upon commentators (see his preface to this volume) soon con-
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legal requirements for such honor, and who may in other re-
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evening chilliness. The abdomen becomes less painful and ex-
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in England and Wales there are 117 families to 100 houses — in Scotland,
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as possible, by injecting a fluid, as similar to the serum as can be formed
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sprayed by an atomizer. This method yields excellent results in
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periment I shall show, better than by the table, the properties
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Previous Illnesses.^ — She has had the usual diseases of child-
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an effort to save himself, or to correct the deviation. The stumbling is-
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Another patient also had a wound over the sacrum. It healed
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diabetes mellitus, frequently picked his teeth with a straw.
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scarlatina prevailed. The latter opinion seems borne out in
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erysipelas in hale plethoric habits, to terminate in gangrene,
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articular symptoms, we may prejudge the rheumatic nature of these
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fear or hesitancy in the personal care of the sick and all that
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that all who are not able to employ a private physician should be
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the wound without being discharged from it. 5. That an
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artery was found to be wounded, and a tumor, or enlargement of the
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the blood has lost one half of its serum, a considerable portion of its
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The ASMA provides at least three educational seminars
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(^PAMPHLETS GRATIS to Practitioners by inail upon request
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'Thomas— Banks.— On April 10, at the Church of the Holy Trinity,
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