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Nether into a united district, for the purpose of providing and managing

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matriculated at the London University, commenced his

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tured and divided, the mass raised up, and a ligature passed

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On November Ith a cliild. aged 10, tnok a severe attack of scarlet fever,

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the sword, taking command of a brigade and doing much

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The services of Surgeon-Captain R, J, Baker, M.D., Bombay Establish-

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caused the lowest death-rates in West Ham, Swansea, Wolveiliampton,

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dyeing establishments ; the basic aniline dyes have a

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and transmits by telephone distant messages, and a very desirable

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Cummock; W. Millar, Leith ; J. G. Thomson, Glasgow- G M

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correct it at once by an operation on the bone, so in talipes

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By subsequent study my conviction has been confirmed, and

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Scott.— At Musselburgh, N.B., on January nth, the wife of Thomas K.

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instances to render mere coincidence an unreasonable

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inaugural address on Brief Notes on the ilateria Medica of

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in and out of the abdominal cavity through two openings as

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Aston Manor. Derby, and Worcester, whilst the Birmingham guardians

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"The annual statement of the clerk of St. Bartholomew's

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males, W., 8.4.5 ; females, Th., 8.45. Operation Day.— Tu., 2.

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In the pai-agrapli on internal uretlirotomy, we observe that

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SuccESSFDL Vaccination. — Mr. W. J. Horn, Public Vac-

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Morris, went to lier uncle's house for the purpose of perform-

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smaller quantity of preserved meat, together with increased

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Liverpool ; J. H. Fenn, London Hospital ; J. O. Garland, Guy's

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duced ; indeed, it will be or benefit to the sufferer. Before injection,

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stand, insoluble problem. In the interests of the service it

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and reports " no atrophy of nerve cells or fibres of the cortex.

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be said to adorn what it touches, but there is a curious in-

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push aside. Yet in cells which are so rapidly formed as those

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eases ; and whether he would be prepared to furnish a return of those

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on December 22nd, 1892. Heentered the service asAssistaut-Surgeon, June

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