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In coriesponcUng rith Advertisers please mention THE MEMCAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.
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such games. The racket held in the right hand cultivates the right side
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the membranes may perforate the bone and appear externally forming the
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ilitic person should marry or attempt to beget children within from three to
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The Canton Automatic Gynaecological and Oculist Chair
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or suburbs and at the same time go through the development exercises
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ulceration. The sloughs loosen and gradually separate beginning at the per
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ingredient evaporation also occurs with a resulting concentration of the
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After the removal of the irritation the treatment of reflex chorea is the
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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.
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the poisonous germs are found entirely in the evacua
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Broncho pneumonia calls for stimulation of tlie respiratory centres as well
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II. LoccJ Treatiiient The local burning and ricking may be relieved by
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the last successful vaccination second the age of the patient as variola
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alcoholism better than a hypodermic injection of apomorphine. The hysteri
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the insane outburst. The maniacal drunkard may be when not under the
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tivated and uninhabited uplands. Surface water from cultivated land is dubi
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minimum. This lateral position is such that the woman is on her left
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confer immunity with a graduated series of attenua
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tain the necessaries of life surrounded as they were by unfriendly tribes
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modal that is the muscle simply responds more slowly to galvanic currents
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between the broken ends also sometimes when the muscles have
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first year and continues up to forty when it becomes less marked. Pregnancy
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Too great haste in this matter is often regretted afterward when some
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nutrition of this great bundle of tracts and fibres connecting the brain
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cesses. In the interspaces thus made are granular elements pigment granules
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spasmodic contractions of spastic myelitis. Cerebro spinal and basilar menin
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Prophylaxis. Vaccination if it could be enforced would render super
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scientific investigation into the subject and in the hands of reputable
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has endeavoured for thousands of years to discover specific remedies for
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colic of gaseous distention of intestinal gurgling of vomiting and of
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Tumours may be divided into a number of groups according to the
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passing moods. A state of nervous fatigue which is exti emely disagree
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bined svstem. Most large cities have the combined system. The separate
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tons lines which pass into the normal skin. Rarely isolated patches commen
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tively mild although they may last for a week. Asphyxia cramps and total
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flow of milk. This is described in detail in the next chapter.
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The raw material is dissolved in.rectified spirit at a tem
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depending a good deal on the amount of inflammatory exudate existing with
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elaborated and then passes on as before to the end organ Fig.. A
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should invariably take up outdoor exercises. He is in the country and
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by balancing herself with the reins her feet and the pommels being
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likely that their centres are associated with those of motion. Horsley has
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fully in preparation for them and in educating by the force of example
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into four regions viz. Ascending colon which passes up along the
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ling and great perseverance is necessary to make them take the requisite
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Vaccine matter was soon carried all over the world. The Spanish govern
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