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erable inflammation as well as a very thick coat of
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locally or not, the point of interest lay in the origin of the first case.
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ployed in procuring alvine evacuations, preparatory to again giving
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Dr. Gram was born in Boston, in 1786. His father, Hans Gram,
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extreme irritability and depression, marked pain in left hip upon the least
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which has on its exterior an extremely thin layer of muscular substance.
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each other. The skin, where fever was present, was hot : this heat was in-
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Is in the northern part of the city. It takes friendless children, educates
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inal power, yet its history is classical, and it has
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hinus -, our Englijh Wild Bafil the leffer. 3. Aci-
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confesses that some of the red bodies traversed them from time to
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surgery at the front, and there are many very excellent men here and in
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necrosis. The skin elsewhere over the left lower extremity was in bad
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the pulse, observed, that were he to feel it without seeing the patient,
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The diagnosis of hypermetropia is rendered much easier when
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and I then recollected, and told them, that three or four years before, I
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care are either of a mild character intrinsically, or else have been
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over head, and a doing if things at all adventures ,
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patient. There is at first a feeling of numbness, which commences in
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increase of fever will be observed in Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Bel-
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gradually augment in power, become enlarged and distended, and at
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state of urine and of kidney, as depending upon different causes, which
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sympathy between the different nerves of animal life. It passes
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were emaciation, pallor and flushed cheeks, relaxed skin, persistently large
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his hoarded wealth at the disposal of every inquiring mind, in a
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try to prevent the fit. Notwithstanding these measures the fit came on
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and of fuch a Subftance, as being rare, eafily yield
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the carriage on which it is mounted for firing, the explosive used both as
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tric tenderness, which we removed by leeching, and she remained free
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few months' experience of Florence and its waters, have found them-
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similar to. that related by Dr. Belcher in the last volume of the Trans-
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such cases be taken into consideration. If it be found, however, that
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too frequently false, tongues assail us. Our enemies sneer ; luke-
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often been unable to remain in bed, from the violence of the pain, which
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tion merely, but if it was thus adopted we are entrapped into a vote we
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was felt in the back of the head and neck ; urgent headache was com-
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heart, which accompanied its attack, but likewise for the unexpected
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thousand : and thence to the Black Sea and the Caspian, until it a se-
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tomy of yellow fever with which we are acquainted,t report a healthy
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too speedy, by a convex a too tardy, concentration of the rays of light.
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