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gown of "sanguyn and perse," lined with taffeta and sendal,

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voices heard before a fit, whether persecutory (which is most frequent) or

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•crouching in a corner of the room, with hands outstretched as if to shield

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represented by hard lines, as on Figs. 4, 5, 6, and 7. The edges are ser-

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pulse and respiration may close the scene. In cases which do not end

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vice, Monsey never regretted having taken it, for though he

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slough, leaving an ulcer of variable depth and extent. In both cases

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condition in which the trivial events of the .day became converted into

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major portion of his time in the practice of masturbation. He does not

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prayed for even in her own chapel at St. James's ; and what

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instances of the disease, otherwise typical, which have presented this

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means of treatment already indicated should be carried out with even

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severe in proportion to the severity of the cutaneous lesions, raise the

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c. Record the elapsed time until the clot has retracted and a

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left alone. He is neglectful of his personal appearance and oblivious of

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Treatment. — There is absolutely no treatment for this affection

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his master's air and voice as he entered the chamber of sick-

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of the right foot while at the same time there was headache on the right

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upon this supposition. Hence first we shall disinfect the skin of the

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50th, line 4th from bottom, (Note) and elsewhere, for Foedere, rearf Fodere.

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his original description (1860) it is essentially a lichen ; that is, it consists

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since the one may be only a modification of the other ; how-

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crushed between the tense and swollen papillse below and the hard and

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adjuvant to the general system of treatment than as its leading measure.

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larly at night, or even a brawny thickening of the connective tissues

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which is inserted in a vise and gentle pressure applied to the pro-

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whether the lupus attacked the scar as the point of least resistance. An

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regarded is due to this assumption that it is not the act of the whole