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which has been adopted by Rosenthal, Hallopeau, and Crocker. It

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Piedra. — Hyphomyces : found in the characteristic stony-hard concre-

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and the like ; and the urine may run short, or flow in profusion. Some-

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capricious as it may be, is continuous ; but in hysterical loss of memory

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may be simply impulsive, depending on uncontrolled reflexes ; but often

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inspection the discoloration is seen to be due to the presence in the

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production of dandriff, and must be avoided ; but occasional washings

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limited to the head and hands, regards the disease as a parakeratosis as

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mind towards the object aimed at ; and to aim at an object against

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in the comparative certainty and permanence of its results. But

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Treatment. — No internal remedies seem of the least avail in this

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discussion. In a well-marked case, however, it can be ascertained that

tinidazole over the counter drugs similar

(1) Cover glass method. Smooth, even spreads with red cells

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To speak of Antony Addington is to think how honor has

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rence is certainly rare ; and some surgeons who have had very extended

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so for several months he experimented with other allied

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but, as the skin is generally dull, pale, and badly nourished, its con-

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which these are founded are diminished, so that startling impressions,

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abeyance. With the succeeding flow of sweat the duct dilates, and this

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are detrimental to the chances of ultimate recovery. They should never

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formerly it was in much greater use. Willan describes the following

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suffering, by chlorosis, hysteria, melancholy, and numerous

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the contents of a retention cyst. At or near the surface of the tumour,

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the jugular vein, where should you bleed him?" "In the

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