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temperature. Dose: from 15 to 30 grains. Best administered in a cupful of hot liquid.
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ated and one into which dirt has been ground and in a
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the first in his experience nor the first reported, Mr. Browne
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abscess forms after an omental tumor has formed around the
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ized chronic conditions that had baifled ordinary therapeutic meas-
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could in this manner produce a malarial disease. Similar experi-
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kinds were committing a grievous wrong to their students in
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expected to attend school at certain liours of the day. Boys
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diet for a healthy man is one which will maintain him in nutritive equilib-
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shot and other wounds of the chest and abdomen, from burns and shock,
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showed that the receipts for the past year amounted to $6951
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sensibility of the individuals. The folbwing were the general phenome-
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followed by the inverted uterus, to which the placenta
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membering that Freund showed in 1859 that an ossification
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offers them for sale" — but " a large supply of fresh and reliable human-
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the anterior lip of the cervix." While agreeing that
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Single Copy 1.00 all communications to THE WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL. Street address: 303 East Lakeside Street. Mail-
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meatus, therefore, should not be mutilated so as to im-
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Art. 4th. The officers of this society shall consist of a President,
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in a less degree, the cavernous sinuses, are most frequently the seat of puru-
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of the case. But the condition of mental inquietude and the
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northern menageries. Thousands of soldiers, hunters, and lumbermen sleep
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4:15 p.m. — ‘‘Visible Tumor Clinic” ( Koda-
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osteomyelitis, either purulent pyaemic arthritis, or that consecutive on phlegmon-
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stands ready to assert that he has seen five cases of {J)ac-
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out apparent cause, there had been a severe chill followed
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England, and Rush, in America, began the great work
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such an extent that the flream is virtually ^agnant
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rnarck, and his lieutenant, Mr. Falk. It not only recognized the talents of a
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Jeannette B. Obenchain, Ph.D., Research Associate in Anatomy.
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garded as a most serious complication, it takes but little part in the
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