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This disease may follow the acute form or be due to chronic alcohol-

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lesion to involve so strictly limited a portion of the cortex. As a rule,

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by chipped ice, over which a little brandy may be sprinkled. The

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Almost invariably occur in neurotic Occur irrespective of sex.

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Second, the sensory disturbances. These vary from slight hyperesthesia

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*Read before the Hughes Medical Club, Bostco, Mass.

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infra-spinatus. The skin over the scapula is usually anesthetic.

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of cachexie pachydermique to this disease, believed it to be of tropho-

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only attended to his own large practice, but, in addition, to the practice

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flict of disease. To promote this work the Robert Dawson Evans

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and the muscles of the palate are rarely affected. The immediate exciting

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giving a milky appearance to the last portion. Deposits of phosphates,

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is a great aid toward the restoration of normal functioning.

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during the first stage of digestion has pathologic significance. He

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due to other conditions, as anemia, extreme nervousness, and fever-con-

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are iodin and arsenic. An eligible form of tlie latter is arsenious acid,

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pain, and the absence of such symptoms as obstinate constipation, fecal

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may die in paralysis, from the toxic effects of the poison, which, thus

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large amount of water. The quantity of water taken has no

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and then disappears as suddenly as it came. At regular intervals of

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described opposes an obstruction to the outflowing blood-current on the

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rat may be the original host of the parasites, or it may itself become in-

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Predisposing Causes. — Occupation is most influential: persons who

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catarrhal gastritis. The character of pain that is most diagnostic is

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(3) A lesion in the foot of the second frontal convolution on the left

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And so with a hopeful future the editors once more wish to-

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the bladder and the rectum. The uterus is connected with the

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covered a double murmur in the arteries (femoral), which is quite fre-

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Btiologry. — Heredity and advanced age are of chief importance as

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Diagnosis. — The nature and site of the affection may be determined

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urinary Surgery, New York Post-Graduate Medical School and

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and in fevers — either relatively or absolutely, as in pneumonitis ; in

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found slightly enlarged and tender on pressure, and projecting below the

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succeed not by virtue of correcting anatomical deviation alone,

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is considered to be a neurosis. Thus, it has been seen in emotional

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our materia medica, we are almost certain of being disappointed

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ally closed, partly by the falling in of the chest-wall and partly by the