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in. It preserves the mobility of the joints as long as anything can. Elec-
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His academic education was obtained chiefly at the Royal School,
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gradual diminution in the frequency and duration of the cramps ;
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University, Columbia University, and New York Athletic clubs.
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varies in all degrees of consistency, from watery to thick, is dark
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salts and excrementitious matters which it holds in solution,
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faculty of making many life-long friends who appreciate
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visit to me, the causes, predisposing and exciting, were apparently
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railway accident. A porter aged twenty-eight, while hand-cou-
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I in 1,000, dressings with hydrogen peroxide and with
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do the rest." Hahnemann did these, and he found Nature
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bending over, either spiral or direct, with or without
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Milbank, E. B. Nash ; western district, F. Park Lewis, A. R.
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One is given : the tongue clears, and the condition for two or
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after the operation if it had been painful, she said, " Yes, dread-
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Abdominal Cavity. — Coils of small intestines distended, crowd-
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case under consideration the odor of the breath creates a pre-
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centres, and continuing several moments after death had taken
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Homoeopathy" — jnn.; namely, a periodical bearing the old
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the social side he was a member of the Princeton, University, Century,
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the cul-de-sac beneath it, perforating the articulation, whilst
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increasing number of applications for admission, will be brought
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It will be noticed that the author does not mention alkalies. They have
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nerve-action which determines health, and helps some sick to
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original plan, the traps being all exposed and located
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fragments. The fractures heal without complications.
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author from practising the precept, " Prove all things, hold fast
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exacerbations, affecting either the general or the local manifestations. In
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making on this point, and will be announced hereafter.
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collapse. Phosphorus^ and antimonic tartrate 1 in alternation
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IS largely due to the Board of Trustees of the Hospital,
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lished Dr. Wilcox was one of the original staff members,
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No. 2. — Constant severe pain for several weeks in left side
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The Century for March offers, as usual, a rich and varied
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Many who admired Dr. Thomas for his brilliant oratory
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that in small quantities at a time, the best thing ; as soon as the
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In an hour the effect is quite perceptible, the reddened skin hav-
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girdle the earth with sentient reality, however invisible and un-
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established in the chair of Materia Medica in the college, which posi-
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therapeutical knowledge is clinical experience. It is not suffi-
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mistic spirit in which, in almost every instance, the subject is
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In spinal concussion there would appear to be two distinct,
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twelve to fifty-six days. This shows the impossibility of fixing
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Comtes de Meulent, the Earls of Leicester and Warwick,
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have injured, that I could only put my hand on it to lessen its