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tion, and was as truly rheumatic as could be ; in fact, the pains,
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be found in order to repeat the reaction no explanation can be
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portant motion, by the same gentleman, seconded by Dr Andrew
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discovered in the future. Any of these varieties when they occur
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In a severe case of osteomalacia, if an operation is not contraindicated
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Withdrawal of Blood. — The blood should be drawn from the painful
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and {h) washed leukocytes, and (2) the possible influence of guinea-
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destroyed. Normal leukocytes were used, and the mixtures were
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Contributions to our Knowledge of the Echinococci Endemic in Ice-
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57. Gay and Adler. Jour. Med. Res., 1908, 18, p. 433-
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crystallized form of saccharin, easily soluble in water, and 400 times
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continued and remittent ranges from 1*25 in Agra, up to 2*75 in
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fore, may be affected by many different causes, some of them organic,
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the presence of guinea-pig complement and the apparent lack of activating power of
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other milky foods (if possible), gruels, zwieback or crackers, cream
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except at the specialized sanatoria, the dietetic provisions and regulations
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It is important to notice the great similarity between forms
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isms became prone to the development of aerial hyphae. This
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each germ ; but if the identity in neither case can be proved, as
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enabled him to hold his own, and generally, in appearance at least,
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fected guinea-pig 2,547 may have been exceedingly small, since the
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ten-thousandth of a milligram (0.000,000,1 gm.), the smallest
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Stellwag von Carion and some other authors refer to a membranous
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impossible to see anything on the surface of the agar without the
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He believes that in individual cases we may learn, by investigating the
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posed by Valsava and developed by Albertini. The English especially
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after recovery from the convulsions, she had no recollection what-
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Why there should be an absence of hemolysin in the serum of
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surface, and injected papillary elevations were developed. In the
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rotation. According to our view, the so-called enclitic state is
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think that mental science owes much to the speculative thought,
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abnormal longing for some particular article of diet, as acid, sweet, or
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ing branches to be conveyed to the plexus of adjoining efficient
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Arsenic Waters. — Sometimes a patient who cannot take arsenic in any
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form plasmodial masses and become attached to the peritoneal
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further infection. Twenty-three animals, at least, had been
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no doubt aided by the great improvement in her general health
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1769), writes thus of bleeding : — " Such was the state of the pulse
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fingers of my left hand 1 watched the claws of the instrument, so
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Of the other renal diseases, some (renal haemophilia, chyluria, renal
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Possibly, some might have advised tracheotomy ; but as this at
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gation with salt solution. The bacilli so treated were compared, as to phagocytabihty,
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no difficulty in providing for its arrestment ; but, unfortunately, the
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autogenous organisms were prepared in a way similar to that
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be put between two slices of bread and butter or on a little sugar. In
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therefore, were far removed from the lavatories, 11 of them were
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situation at the Royal Institution. He commenced original re-
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of the anaphylaxis reaction is somewhat less sharply defined than