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of alcohol in pneumonia ; but for cardiac asthenia they, or

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Commission was biassed and unwilling to listen to evidence

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London Fever Hospital was 2,2si at the end of the week, against 2,037,

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the licence of the College applied for registration, and, after

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roundingsy the amouyit of contagion which exists is so small that

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and upon that the Government had brought in a Bill dealing

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170 cases; the institutions of the .Metropolitan Asylums Board containing

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abdomen, followed by vomiting and diarrhrea. These syinptoma con-

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titled to attend these meetings and to introduce professional friends.—

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introduced by Dr. Rumpf, of Hamburg, and by Professor

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composed of some resinous substance, but a histological examination

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Dr. J. Torrens, Dalkey ; G. Turner, M.B., Broxbourne; Mr. C. W. TegB»

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is free from objection if intelligently used by both teacher

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were finally upset by the refusal of the Convocation of the

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out a single death. In the present year, however, 6 occurred

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jurors when the county councils provide for it. After all, the said

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papers were all of great interest and practical utility, and

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intro(iuction of the six years tour, no fewer than seven-

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evidence that, if not actually out of health, they are decidedly below par,

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tained in England on the subject of preventive m^a-iures

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There is little to be said on this side of the question. The

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to 91 in 1892 ; but the loss of life from the miscellaneous underground

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a sausage-shaped tumour was found lying behind the caecum. This I