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reaction was alkaline ; it was neutralized by the proper
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viger (maculipennis) and A. pietus. Ficalbi thinks it is pos-
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The origin of an acute renal congestion and hsemoglobinuria
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the child passes the vulva, frequently averts the threatened
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dishonesty. In a word, it was, as Renouard has said,
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mata are simple — i.e., they are composed of a loop of
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are doing to educate the people of this country as to the nature
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little hypertropliied. AH the valves, the pulmonary artery
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the toxic fall in pressure remains very low, but fail when a rise
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2. The Character of the Stools. — The faeces passed are always
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more zest than before the operation. Therefore the severity of the
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respectively, of all deaths were due to typhoid fever. In
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It is late in the day, nor is it necessary, to attempt criticism
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festing any signs of combustion, and should only take fire from this alleged
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most commonly were enlarged and thus invited further investiga-
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hand, and it was seven and a half hours SuBGEB"! Kin WlLD. — Prof. Von Nuss
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in the lungs, indicating that probably no dissemination
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uterus to be but slightly enlarged and anteverted. Only the
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of over 6,000 lymphocytes per above the normal level. The polymorpho-
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the freedom of the medical profession than to insist on the freedom of our hospitals from the shackles of
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The foregoing characters relate to hemorrhage taking place in
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and evince a genuine love of virtue, accompanied by a sincere interest in
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Methaqualone classified C-l . . . Tulsan named newest
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in pure culture, and (3) the reproduction of the disease by inoculations
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always been a considerable amount of " the vacant stare " and
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of an extremity or joint as the result of secondary involvement was
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of the race. Only in the welter of a new world, untrammelled
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turbing it frequently. Within the last two months I have seen
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were opposed ! We believe that in the condition of the female
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other preparations. In past years Morphine was believed to be
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Should the dose of the virus be too large, both animals are infected,
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mite then migrates over the surface of the body, and the itching is
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will be more severe and acute than in any of the simple
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months, was married to a man aged twenty-seven, by whom she had ten'
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mutual and financial arrangement made between the applicant for
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Details of treatment are discussed, with more or less fulness, imder the
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of feeding have failed. It has been advised to wash the sac daily with sterile
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that in a disease so prevalent and so serious as pneumonia is at the
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or not a person is competent to waive secrecy for a
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passes into the second stage, when its nature becomes very
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In this time we have added one hundred and eighty-three new meml
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Such an arrangement is impractical when the arc is used
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Berkeley, the University of Southern California, the Univer-
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cess ; in the latter, to a degenerative disease in the bones, partaking
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douche, while otologists perhaps slight the advantages to the pharynx and
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positive Widal reaction, and the bacilli may be cultivated from the
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