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Pvelitis is distinguished from cystitis by absence of vesical pain and fre-
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cavity. This process may end in gangrene. The peritoneum over the tu-
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tion may exist. Simply the uvula may be absent, or the cleft may be
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the aged, a tendency to coma, are unfavorable signs. Exhaustion and
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congestion of the head, because of pressure upon the external jugular,
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Different theories are advocated concerning the methods by which
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afterward eliminated by the kidneys ; fourth, the secretion of bile, most of which is reabsorbed \ fifth, the
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serve to hold the joint in a position (generally a flexed one) of the great-
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In chronic gastritis with hemorrhage there is the history of disease
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pearly secretion. The interior portion of the trigone is also studded with
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mixed with water ; or in an infusion (one-quarter oz. to four oz. of water).
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very unsatisfactory ; its action is not only temporary, but far less certain
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acid. Diseases of the heart, such as endocarditis, pericarditis, or myo-
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Tubercular Kidney. — The symptoms are obscure and the diagnosis
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tion exists, or the urinary secretions are abnormal. In addition, there
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The pulse, at first rapid and thready, becomes soft and weak.
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diagnosis rested upon the character of the i)ulse, throbbing of the arteries
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times calcareous degeneration of the thrombus occurs, when a phlebolith
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temperature remains high and symptoms of great prostration are developed.
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at the same time becomes a factor in accomplishing the second indication,
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of a fibrous stroma containing blood vessels and lymphatics. It seems