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(40-percent formaldehyde solution) and shake. In ad-
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In erythema the fever is slight ; there is no sore throat, glandular
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and exudation. The expectoration was slightly tinged with
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resolution, the patient tumbling into a typhoidal condition, from which he
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as to whether each attack is caused by the same or by a different
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puffing or hissing character of the respiration may be observed, as in
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ary measures in conditions such as represented by the patients
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cause hay-fever in sensitive patients w-ho do not come into direct
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(rf) Immediately after the mixing, a sample of 1 ml of the
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puerperal state, would have made the chapters on these subjects
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globinometer, the relative concentrations are varied in the two
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dementia, and general pausis. A plate is devoted to affections
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tection, the degree of the latter varying directly with the amount of
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free from trypanosomes ( T. lewisi) or guinea pigs,
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(&) Preparation for photometric measurement. The urine
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implication. The presumption is that the constitutional disturbance is the
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which give evidence of hasty proof-reading. " Valvulal " is used for
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hydrolysis with HC1 is carried out on a 10-ml portion
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find the Wassermann test negative on the blood and positive
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d. If diphtheria is suspected, inoculate selective tellurite
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that during convalescence there may be very grave disease and lesions, which, if
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relapses are very apt to take place even more than once. In convalescence,
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approaching when its importance will compel the attention of
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rum against P. tularensis and Brucella abortus antigens.
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7. Thyroid disease — Myxcedema, cachexia, cretinism, '" £ c ,,
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handling specimens submitted for bacteriological examination. It
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sibly one or two extra beats, and then the normal slow heart
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abroad and mingle witn his brother workers. Is there one such
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of time, and we were obliged to resort to the previous cicatrix.
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marked leukocytosis except with compKcations is never seen