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artery being obstrucled, Mr. Cramp(on was led to imagine that,

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the enlarged portion of the tube, this latter cannot contract upon it to

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a little salt. Dip them into beaten egg, then into crushed

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requirement in the Physiology group, and participate in the weekly seminar of the

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help it ; the invitations arc out, and I cannot with

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and scaling profusely, particularl.v upon the legs,

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other manner, and perhaps in a high state of excitement at the time, may be

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pockets into bone depressions without overhanging walls. I am tak-

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Postero-anterior chest roentgenography reveals a large right pneu-

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creased according to circumstances ; and if eight grains

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and so was the top of her head. Her eyes were large? and dark. Her

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with a tepid solution of boric acid made by adding a heaping table-

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" Lu/v/K. Contained a few scattered granular bodies which were not

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medical staff, instead of accommodating them collectively in an hos-

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in June. Drs. Casselbury, of Chicago, Packard, of Philadelphia,

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proved the entire feasibility of the plan herewith devised of

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head pressing on the expanded cervix uteri, before the os is fully dilated,

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by which the results of present abuse will be developed in a way that

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Wisconsin Assn, of Psychiatric Clinics for Children

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miiller and others, of loss of the muscular sense without motor paralysis,

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if the tag should be lost it will be possible to tell where the squirrel

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hat such knowledge is of practical utility in the healing art.

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and branny, and commences as soon as the eruption dis-

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The subject of these remarks was a very fine male specimen

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been employed with the same effect. A case is related by Professor

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from the mechanical device which might falter because of

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:oued. I'i\e minutes after injury the pul-e \as SS, >teadv, and .i.'o,.d.

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in cases under treatment. Within recent months I have administered

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quinine has the property of lessening reflex activity, by

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Emporium. As soon as he drove over the hill from Emporium on his

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with the additional dangers incident to progressive diminution of the

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manhood, and is rare after middle age. The immediate source of con-

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tions shall be surrendered to the Secretaries of the Sec-

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of at first ; for the headache, general pains, thirst, and restlessness, ge-

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the part thoroughly over with lunar caustic and one effect-

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chronic alcoholism with vesical disease. In the second the iritis had occured

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but these are comparatively rare except in advanced stages of the disease,

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Gerhardt, Curschmann, and Heubner very properly called attention

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The subject is obviously one of the greatest importance, and the exact

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are fastened the terminal wires for conveying a positive and negative current."

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Such an excitant of parturient action is the more to be desir-