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1 pint of water as hot as can be taken, containing either a little
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hnve bein noticed in Thk Joi;itNAi,, xxxvl. 1001, pp. 204, 1357,
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no pressure is exerted on the muscles of the posterior
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XXII. — Acromer/ah/, and Ojyeration for Goitre. By
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the case when primarily circumscribed spots become coalescent in
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As a matter of fact the whole precipitate, after being washed
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Generation. 8vo. pp. 517. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1S74. . 176
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ever cured without an operation and drainage of the gall-bladder.
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Kidneys. The cortical substance was thinned and contained a yellowish-white
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dice. For this purpose it is infused in hard cider and sweetened.
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than ever before. The intelligent industry and the enthusiastic
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ances were found in 5 out of 14 below twenty; in 25 out of 53
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Children, 4-15 P..M.— Clinical Demonstration by Dr. Leonard Findlay.
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bilious or brown colour of natural excrement ; and then again another
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extending from the region of the stomach to the back; (ijima & Kuri-
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asserts that in all the cases of pneumonia (amounting to 80) in which he has
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Do not keep the baby in bed with you at night. While it is
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against this plan of treatment is the excessive amount
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ble, acconling to my experience, in a large majority of cases. The reso-
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brought to within 2| inches of the shutter without the latter
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Throughout the book many others, not named in the Preface, are
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end to the valve stem on the cylinder. To the short metal
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headache (55 percent), fatigue (3.9 percent) and cough (35 percent). Adverse experiences occurring in
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Swartz's request, M. Deneffe has investigated the therapeutical properties of
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that the proportion of still-born was one in 11 ; (see James*
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progressed rapidly. Fig. 3 shows the condition when
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duced on sound into cavity ; allowed to remain five min-
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work has been carried on under actual field and corral conditions.
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dairy, the cows of which were suffering from a disease
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is uncertain, but, however varied one's judgment may be on the future,
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strated when present. In no other manner can medical