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ring after transfusion with the blood of brutes, may be traced
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Case XXX. — Falkson has published the history of a case' of paresis of both
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in the second place the surgeons promised too much from opera-
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mere esthetic considerations; they have an important influ-
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helmet, catharsis and the routine treatment of shock if present The
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wise, with other measures which augment the pulse-rate, such
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for diseases of the nervous system, Turner's-lane Hospital,
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there is thenceforward progressive circulatory ataxia, so to
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M. D. Second Edition. J. P. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1921.
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Tiie reflector may be placed before one eye (Czermak,
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and therefore each member of the Congress had enjoyed the oppor-
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tive and a legislative committee. The County Association rules
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symptoms; the birds appear dull, are poor, may have diarrhea;
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differ lrn,u,l„, , ■■ •'. '>i-l'-.n.,,„. ,,u,,d 1,, ,,.^.^^. ,„„„^,
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was the same pathological foundation for both. Tuberculosis of the larynx
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In the case of endemic diseases, the second factor,
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relaxed. Occasional vomiting is a symptom of the second stage. As a rule,
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thorax, 3 or i inches deep, twenty or thirty times in the location of the bullet, as
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short-circuiting key. So with such appliances one can
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one by the American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society. The
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been singularly successful in the retention of con-
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form of a stopper and press it firmly between the ribs, or I fold a nar-
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although it is not an inflxmmation but the result of pro-
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lungs by tubercular matter, and the changes which that matter
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whatever its nature, which first occasioned the constriction
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awaken him, the duration of the sleep being from twelve
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several months, subject to attacks of vertigo, which were especially excited
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itself, just as it will in the frankly penetrating and perforat-
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papers " multed " or suppressed, it is said, are "those
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tuber ischii of the unaffected side with the hip joint of the painful