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Total proclamations, including two irregular ones, in 1839, - - 2443
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The paper that follows is on the extirpation of the spleen,
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high heels, and the dearest silken bows in the world. It
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Brightique" are not synonj^mous. But Dr. Dickinson shows
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of surgery, medicine, sanitation. The modem method is
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uterine contractions, he applied wet cloths to the spine. This
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" He also notices that in cases of paraplegia tumours and indurations often exist
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"I say 'possibility,* not 'probability,' since in all the fifty-five
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Contributions to Medicine and Midwifery, By Thomas Edwakd
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industry is almost exclusively agricultural, such as wheat, Indian corn,
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junction with M, Hervy, the investigation was undertaken and they were
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of the e]f e, you see them as through a glass ; and you learn many of
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the Mont Cenis Bailway, at the village of Bardonecchio, at the
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are avoided. By this method we divide the aponeurotic attachments of the
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There are specialists and — specialists. Some specialists
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food, will, in the sanguine, often cause distressing headache; in nervous
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motion, and then of the opposite arm. The patient had no return of the attacks.
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* Snr la Paste et les Qoarantaines/ in 1^15, which first dissipated most of the old
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the treatment is not without value, but it is especially
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was to be seen but two large bodies, one at each side of the cavity, which
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papulffi, but even when they are in full suppuration.
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increased ui size as the passage dilated, by dipping it in melted wax. In
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equally well adapted to all the arteries, and the primitive carotid is decidedly
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all were living under what must be considered to be unfavorable
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the blood of a particular individual, and we feel certain
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engaged posterior or larger transverse diameter from being locked
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to deformity and h»morrhaee. The frequency and danger of such
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one A. M. and took twelve grains; discontinued it after eight A. M. No
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of pain in the stomach, which lasted for two days, and was so severe as to
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inflated, the skin became black, the extremities mottled, and
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these may need investigation in questions of damages. Inquire whether they
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been employed. Dr. Begbie regards the bromide as a valuable
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spread out as a disinfectant. About two teaspoonfuls of the liquid
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of the Memorial had been framed with this object, the nonsuocess of the two
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rica, in 1862, recorded three cases of chorea associated with pregnancy,
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among tbe agrAnem of Am^e-les-Bains^ to many invalids at
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its whole length, and which is filled by a granular plasma. It is
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Notes on Syphilis* By Jonathan Hutchinson. — These
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