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the plane of polarisation to the right. The structure
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moisture is warmer than the inspired air and contains
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that government might obtain their supply from him. But if any
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Boerhaave who himself never contracted the disease first established it s
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puberty until old age and is stored in the testis in its
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Spasm of Facial Muscles Mimic Spasm Convulsive Tic. The
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smallpox measles or other true contagious disease through the air directly from person
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should never l given as many cases may be cited where both children
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The ABDOMINALi PORTION is a broad morocco leather belt with.
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Dr. Edward Angctttus llolyoke the first president of the Massachu
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in the upper end of the thigh bone is common among children. A
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The amount to be administered will vary with the needs of the case.
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sphincters trophic changes or alterations of electro muscular contractu itv
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vertex. In this position stand upright or sit upright chest out and head
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Dermatitis or inflammation of the skin caused by poison ivy is
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with right hemiplegia. Sometimes the recovery is raj id in others partial
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become greatly inflamed. Pus forms and an extensive slough follows which
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synochus simplex simple continued fever are found to be abortive forms of
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Apoplexy may be inferred if a man beyond middle life suddenly be
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bodies that are sadly in need of restoration at the start.
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lias yet been able to do mathematical roblems and to recognize play cards.
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gases find an outlet. After a time the yellow and red discoloration of
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without going into a lengthy description of the nursing in special dis
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physical structure and mental qualities for few are distinguished by any
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recognised viz. sweet sour bitter and salty and probably all tastes
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water closet as has been ably and forcibly portra ed by Dr. George
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ture. As for the purity of the drugs entering into their com
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within their interior various refracting media called humonre Fig..
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been made to look like prize fighting. Certainly a man may go gunning
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found involved and their increase soon becomes excessive. The slightest tap
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be entirely occluded. The larger bile ducts present no changes of sufficient
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that certain metallic poisons like lead and arsenic are capable of originating
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ing frontal convolution. Cases of limited lesion involving the facial centre
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prehended and one where too often alas he is wholly unguided. It is
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the way certain ignorant people asserted that it might do. Weak acids
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which having been reduced to an almost uniform fineness
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Definition. Syphilis is a chronic infectious disease communicated only
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pronounced and distinct. The disordered cerebration may be accompanied by
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being placed with head low and arms uplifted or there is turgescence of
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every day life as compared to the resistless onward
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have lost their lives from endeavoring to clean out a tracheotomy tube by
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Dr. Ezra Dean believed to have been the first physician that settled
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of penitence the convulsant with sobs bitter cries and broken words begs
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ico Legal Questions Connected with the Insane Certifica
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Laierjd Curvature j of these is the so Ued HobituaL Sooliosis.
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the aspect of a meningitis. Stupor coma and hemiplegia would indicate the
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left to right. Usually the left hand soon develops cramp but occasionally it
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stomach will not tolerate these beverages a pint of salt water should be
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tirely unknown. The kidneys are found to be acutely
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Hypodermics of strychnine are recommended. Freezing the face with the ether
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value and cost of foods Clothing in relation to climate and
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ment of whooping oough awaiting the discovery of some speeifie antitoxine
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The sources of infection which especially claim our attention are
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Prognosis. The prognosis in confusional insanity is favorable. Kraift
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thoughts to other objects. When they can be carried out without too nuich
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protected from the light and from shadows cast upon the walls and
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matic aberration. Floating within the vitreous humour of all eyes are