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administered because there is not sufficient saliva or pancreatic juice to

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trophies malformations and predisposition to various morbid changes

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by watching for symptoms of gastric indigestion or for an increase of diarrhtea

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by uncontrollable laughter or equally nncontrollable sobbing or crying. A

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required for the passage of the head. In subsequent labour the time is

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as a surgeon at Albany April. He was an ardent patriot and an

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light and air should be removed. Rocking chairs should invariably be

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lemon brandy or whiskey. Other bad tasting drugs can be inclosed in

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became surgeon in chief of the military hospitals at Boston which

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tions in the structure of the cutaneous nerves. Neuralgia sometimes ensues.

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Bottles used for infant feeding will be filled with bacteria likely to

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clusion that certain toxines from decomposition introduced at the proper time

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ansemia and syphilis. The chief changes are a cloudiness or turbidity due

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vidual cases sometimes of uestionable diagnosis but these remedies have

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duces an eruption which simulates but which subsequent investigation has

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pleasure that the subscription be continued and we will.

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ward and enlarges the whole chest cavity. Enlargement of the chest may

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mally slow falling sometimes to per minute. Bleeding occurs uniformly

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medical literature in America Iu he published an Essay on

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sensation of coldness at times to a severe rigor. The temperature may shortly

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found it in connection with capillary hypcrffimia and with accuniulation of

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of the muscles and of the tendons the various glandular organs the

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individuals. Such an agent exists in the system of government of the

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Illustrated Circular a nd Price List sent free on application.

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got a whole crowd of successful results on animals.

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In the third week the temperature becomes of a distinctly remittent type

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togenetic cases may be distinguished at times only by the discovery of the

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white pinkish or reddish elevations or wheals which vary greatly in

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therefore swells and remains large for some time. This is usually a

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Redness. Redness is absent until the skin is about to be perforated

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pected especially at the base posteriorly. Not rarely on turning the patient

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Peyer s plaque is involved producing an oval ulcer of corresponding form.

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ulcers found in the skin. The disease is recognized in its constitutional form