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known, never primarily. Any part of the body may be af-

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Mr. Paget says, that " it is perhaps only during the vigour of

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about five thousand doctors in the State, and the de-

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poor in nitrogen, individuals are produced who are deficient in

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one kind only, — arrest within the tube, or tubal pregnancy, as-

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water. Where joints or synovial membranes are to be

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the same time were very apt to disorder nutrition and assimila-

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matic origin, with contractures aiid attacks of ecstasy,

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might be adduced, we bdieve these three are sufficient to estab-

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to escape until the flow^ ceases, A strip of adhesive plaster may be placed

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of the eyeball ; the most prominent of which and apparently the one

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the needle is easily carried to the bottom of the root-sheath,

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being so eagerly sought. The suitor: the American pharma-

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and relative for a considerable time. There was no sign of stasis

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hands of other observers. In conclusion, we express a hope

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rabbits buried for twenty-three days, of sheep buried thirty-one days,

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alike. Therefore they require a certain amount of examina-

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The accompanying plate (see Fig. 1.) illustrates some of the points

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The Bacillxjs typhosus. — ^From what has preceded, it will be seen

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light on the question of disinfection. If all methods of disinfec-

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rectly before making the formol titration, and when it was titrated

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year is required to maintain care quality and care eco-

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120 Dr W. A. M'Cutchan, County and City Asylum, Burghill

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with heart tonics, like strychnine and iron, which in restoring vigor to

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distinct cicatrices of the former vaccination, 8706 had these in an imperfect

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temperature to have been 104° ; {jB) a thermometer

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those temperatures to the inception, extension, intensi-

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(Sre.tlie ■•I'ninpen.lium iii rliimrgu " of MuriiuiUB Sauctus in Uesiicr'J

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At M. Roger's cUnique I noticed the presence of two young

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fifty. Such appears to be the actual amount of the protection which vaccina-

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from pain in her head and back, with intolerance of light, and was

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life. In the last sixteen years the writer has followed many patients in

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downward would frequently cause soft, fleshy, exquisitely sensi-

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