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goitres, without apparent intoxication, and from patients present-
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According to Professor Maunoir, the disease has been often observed without
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media appropriate to the growth of these organisms were selected.
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Cabot and Hoover, Dr. Sippy closing the discussion.
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common agreement at the present time. We can safely assume
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her daily, and was informed that she walked with much difficulty,
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In considering the accidental or acquired lesions, the author first
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104 Annan's Report of Cases in the Baltimore Hospital. [July
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than that of the arterial blood, and 1.21 per cent, more than that of the blood of
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tensive cardiovascular disease may easily exceed ten years. Ab-
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it at the time of examination, upon the definite knowledge of it
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In some of the hilly ravines, that had lately been tcater-courses, several
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to swelling of the ankles. 5he was immediately bled to twelve ounces; and
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sure upon the kind of instrument employed and the skill of tlie operator. We
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auricular contractions were followed by ventricular contractions,
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lable in some cases, by any voluntary effort of the patient, effectually pre-
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was this: the glucose molecule must exercise its antiketogenetic
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of the subcostal angle or divergence of the costal borders.
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(d) Fibrosis of the Lung. Fibrosis of the lung, sometimes termed
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not suggest the seasonal prevalence of the diseases spread by
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general fail. Its importance we can easily understand when we reflect how
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tity of air rushed out of the right side of the chest. In the upper fourth of the
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to which also they adhered at two or three points. The cauda equina thus
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The following is the substance of the testimony taken by the coro-
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on frequent occasions. Three weeks before admission she was suddenly
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priate local remedies were directed, and with decided advantage;
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nal for July, 183'2, also contains some remarks by Dr. Busch on the same subject.
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is slightly darker than the best solutions, normal spinal fluid may
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ature rose from 105.8° to 107.2°. This patient also recovered.
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yet no hsemorrhage ensued. Shortly after the operation a venesection was order-
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turn of the blood by the veins, or to the transmissi(m of the lymph
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particles form, heavy enough to fall slowly to the bottom of the
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of Maine, situated not more than 150 miles from the sea-coast, exhibit a