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G. Hayem ("Comp. rend, de I'acad. des sci.," No. 8, 1889) has ob-
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the liver and its vessels; and the bile and the bile-ducts — the
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Third. — When shall we operate ? Next to the first
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I found, on introducing a probe into the sinus, that it proceeded
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are exposed to strain, namely, the lesser curvature of tlie stomach
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be most serviceable, and it often gave permanent relief. I usually
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introducing the needle into the chosen region (cellular
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thalamics of Cunningham,"" the tractus rubrospinalis. In the funiculus ventralis
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to indicate what the conclusions would be. The study
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the small muscles of the hand, or, it may be, in the muscles of
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break, and oozing of small quantities of blood occurs. "Early''
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with the clavicle. It was removed with a Gross polypus
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life have indeed more than made up for the intervals of exhaustion
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at the ensiform appendix. The urine was acid; sp. gr. 1025. Heat
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A more detailed study of the question was made by Blot in 1864 The
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wards where the clinical diagnosis is often supported by the