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performed by himself. He invariably practices early r^-vaeeinatkm

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afiirm, that even in the dissecting room, after opening the abdominal

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Intracranial tumors may have their origin in the meninges, as sarcomata.

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Abscess of the brain or suppurative encephalitis may occur in any part

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with respect, and were assured that the suggestions of the College

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is confined to the brain, or cord, or involves both. The latter is the more

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ice cream, her nourishment consisted of rice boiled to a jellv, and

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autumnal parasites shown in Figs. 147 to 167 were from the same

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hours comfortable sleep bad steadied the nervous system, and there


gummata or general fibroid induration. All the organs are liable to sim-

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and in a small per cent, of causes the manifestations remain limited to one

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tion of the peritoneum, in what manner are we to explain the sup«

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face of corpuscles with their bodies resting on the periphery, are

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34th ct).— Pain in the chfuit alternates with indigestion and stu§ed-up»

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A and Liquid B. The latter contains one-half as much potassium

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was called to order at 2 o'clock, and immediately pro-

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polyvalence of the mesenchymal cells in embryos of 7 to 10 days, which

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to be attributed to the chloroform. Dr. B. is not prepared to say,

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ceps case," and drew from them the following conclusions, which

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thrice daily, but diminish the frequency of the appli-

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0.021 gm. It is not improbable that differences in diet and metabo-

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from the fibrillating auricles than the right, while it causes blocking of impulses

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increased by additions from other sources; and, further, that a gen-

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scratched (which gave the patient relief) exuded a clear moisture; aggra-

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of the spinal cord, or hydrorachis. Internal hydrorachis is a collection of

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Patients with such urine and high fever at night were given small

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sunken, but no change is perceptible. Von Pirquet reaction, +, +, +. Tubercle

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and Bv-Laws therein recommended, was proposed, in accordance

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Death followed after 5.5 minutes. The same clinical and anatomical picture.

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Gentian Violet. — Add sufficient 1 per cent alcoholic solution of gentian violet

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side, and can turn herself in bed, though her stomach continues sick

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clinical endorsement of similar treatment during the prodromal

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The same changes occur in the liver as in the spleen. Scattered tubercu-

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rheumatism : but the history of the case, the oedema of the feet, and a

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Dr. ChUdy remarks. I have made it a rule to re-vaccinate all per-

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were highly useful in checkinfi^ its extension, notwithstanding 117

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to examine her teeth, but he declared, aAer a close inspection,

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in man by the clothing which his ingenuity nas furnished. At every

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in the practice of giving this article in the dose of a teaspoonful eve^