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skin, and these substances having besides a greater conduct-

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does not quicken it. The muscles are enlarged, the cellular

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and semitransparent. It is obtained either by natural exuda-

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One of the most remarkable and beneficial reforms Insanity,

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plaint under similar circumstances with opium, to which, however, it i»

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The hard waters, or those containing some of the earthy

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would seem to have determined that they have the additional property

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the bath of heated water. It is also preferable, in some instances, when

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oomposjiion, as it contains all tho consfituenH noccssary for making «holesom«

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from travelling. To oljtain its full advantages^ it is sometimes nee

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beneficial, in neuralgia, probably from this cause. Amenorrhcea has

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some risk from this larger quantity ; at least, effects much greater than

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but smooth in the intervals ; of a dark-bluish, greenish, gray, or yellow-

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Pharmacopoeia as officinal It varies somewhat with the character of

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degree a counteracting agent. IMiysicians have often noticed that drunk-

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2° C. The observation that the isolate from mice maintained at 2°

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filightlj reddish powder. Either water or alcohol will extract its vif-

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point is one not of theory but obseryation; and every one must be determined by

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however, died. I was convinced that a portion of opium had remained

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clared that the mark of the covenant was the circumcision of

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* Athenseus says, " Sublimia loca facilius perspiranlur quia undique

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lyiuv/) was not only directed to cure the diseased, but to pre-

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In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States in and for the

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they are little used internally; and of late have been almost entirely

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forming insoluble tannates ; but, if the precipitated matter is swallowed,

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has often also failed; and, since the introduction of sulphate of quiaia

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in mD88, though transparent iu tliin layers. Its odour and taate are quite

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of which the leap is produced, is much greater, and in some

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tannic acid it contains may contribute to its usefulness in correcting the

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in fhosid he gires ppeinsyr is Aaistios. as it wiD thi

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impenetrable to contagion than unvarnished ; and the hard