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mercurials, purgative remedies, and perhaps also vesication or other modes

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Samuel A. Leader, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.


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The isolated disturbances of written speech do not really belong to true aphasia,

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in the lungs. In a fatal case outside the hospital, the

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the cervix, the axis traction forceps were removed and the solid

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of subscriptions. This work is intended to be, as its title reads,

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judge, we quote the case in the origma 1 . Ejus temper-

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infanticide. Sixty-three of the persons whose deaths were

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from his per^nal experience, and are mere evidences of his

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long delayed. Yet, despite the fact that the tumor must

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nostril, I pared the cartilage loose, without perforating the

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that he was sent to England on August 5, 1916, having made an uninterrupted

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in the middle of the epigastrium or slightly to the left and

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after death and in the fluid withdrawn from the spinal subarachnoid

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verted into an impervious cord, without the advent of the sup-

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are not the chief element in the madness, they are only its object.

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uterus, it passed through a large transverse rent in

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only from those imprudencies, in excesses, which he is incapa-

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currence on slides that have been used several times

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The leave of .ibsence for seven days granted First-Lieut.

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Electrozone — the name given to the antiseptic solution which is

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a very stronf^ conviction, that disease of the abdo-

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In other types of goiter we do not expect to find a

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apparatus ; and, having previously cast off their tails,

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cerebral cavities and its ribbon-like peduncles have always

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For Application or Further Information Write or Call

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oxide is its irritating suffocative effect on the respiratory

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to still further prevent friction the cartilages and the whole joint are

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“Doctors expert in the field of psychiatry hold out the hope that with adequate funds and

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subcuticular suture of silver wire or silkwormgut. It is