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From this point of view it has considerable value, containing,
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is unfortunate that only a small portion of the grounds slopes towards the
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of application. We find that Dr. Sanderson, like other observers,
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the atrophies which are found in the liver in progressive postmalarial
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Torsion of cut arteries was not much used in this country, a!-
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charges in the Determination of Venereal Contagion.
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Watson, in a young female, in whom there is any derangement
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dynia ; (2) the hysteric breast with or without tumefac-
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are located in the hands and fingers— 9721 in this series.
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readily prepared from the crude plant by simple processes,
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Darwin, however, does not make any attempt to explain how evolution
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September 14, 1886, Drs. P. J. Lynch, D. McSweeny, and
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published by K.ohts in 1S73, in which this disease fol-
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Knochenstifte. Arch, f klin. Chir.. Berl., 1881, xwi, 985-
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Dr. Geikie said in the course of a speech in opposition to the