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added the subsequent cases. The possibility must not be overlooked

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not observed in the majority of cases. A patient having atheroma-

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Morning : ten to eleven o'clock a Marienspring bath with the ad-

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Definition. — A varix is a dilatation of a vein or veins of a perma-

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In early cases in which the heart and vessels are healthy ten minims

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After dinner the patient should rest half an hour to an hour. A light

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the skin, which is due to the dilatation of the capillaries and the

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of frequent alarm and an abiding sense of insecurity. As to the real

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Chapter 1. On Classification. — Chapter 2. On Systemic Changes accompanying

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ous, like a flexuous cord and moving laterally with each pulsation.

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men and women respectively can hardly be said to have any peculiar and

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The pulse at the wrist is perfectly regular. Any irregularity is

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was somewhat vascular and was covered by endothelium. There was

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another line of descent developed pellagra in 1913.

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which pointed to the presence in it of butter — " la butyrine etait trois

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symptoms are mainly characterized by slowness in the execution of

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audible to the end of the case. Of 132 cases taken from the records

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was a definite gradual lengthening of the coagulation time, so that it was sixty

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and the patient was unable to walk alone. The Wassermann reaction in the

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Fig. 1. — Lead II of electrocardiogram of C. S., showing numerous auricular

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This case illustrates that changes in the form of the ventricular

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dilatation of the left auricle and hypertrophy of the right ventri-

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pulse given to the hand is not so sudden as it is heaving and expansile.