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After the hands have been washed once the nails should be cleaned by
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pnted question. As has been said menstruation is accompanied by tlie
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limbs. The facial paralysis however is partial involving oidy the lower
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which when jarred even in the slightest degree drops
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be subjected to the most thorough disinfection and early long deep cnts
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phitheatre Wards of the Hospital and Dispensary Rooms
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mation of these little lumps is followed by ulceration. A slowly progres
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Bichat whose investigations materially assisted in creating the science of
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exertion or indiscretions in diet. These recrudescences last a day or two
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rack life. Some of the best reports are furnished by the military surgeons
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degeneration. There are granular easts in the tubules. The whole alinientarv
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tion showed a sliocht diminution in the amount of solid matter and but
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conduction of them through tlie cranial bones to the auditpry nerve.
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In the small intestine the processes of muscular action glandular
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anterior branches of the four upper lumbar nerves supplies the flexors and
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patches in this region are the sole seat of the infiltration.
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and the supposed association with malaria neuralgia of this branch was for
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The answer must be founded upon principles some of which can easily
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moving the soiled protective bed pad and a fresh one put under the
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less cough and expectoration. This cough is worse in winter and better
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is said to be heated by the direct indirect method.
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keep the mind at rest free from worry and excitement
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There are no known conditions of climate soil elevation or season which
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vomiting sudden and unaccountable is often the first
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down by Charcot that whenever marked atrophy of the muscles and persistence
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The direct exciting cause of an ansrinal attack is a sudden contraction
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forms brain fever. Among the acute varieties may be mentioned
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opposition manifested itself in in New York and from that time
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like winds must kill many as the running water scatters them far and
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cum. Death which may occur suddenly in a convulsion or from as
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especially the albuminuria as to be regarded by some authors as symptoms.
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obliterated. The latter symptom constitutes a valuable diagnostic sign. The
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Whatever the exercises are they should be repeated on retiring at
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and thns the individual recognises his new position. Experiments upon
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Houses of Parliament this point of course was always
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tongue is richly supplied with papilte which are elevations containing
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power of association of ideas delusions often increased activity of the per
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larity of outdoor exercise among women is likely to do
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shoulder muscles. Late rigidity is almost constant and was the symptom
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effusion in the cavities enclosed by them. The spleen is usually enlarged and
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as an excretion bile is an important agent in alimentation aiding greatly
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tient was formerly so popular a treatment in our hospitals that its very
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine Universitjj College
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seem really serviceable in diminishing the pain and in
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rying off the solid part of the excreta. Without it protoplasm dies and
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the uterus frequently causes vomiting. Diseases of the kidneys in either
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very little guidance in prognosis. The disease is the more fatal the younger
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toms appear within the fir st year the jirognosis for nltimat recovery is
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sighing respiration is common and the pupils vary in size being often
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sulted from the introduction into previously exempt places of persons
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infectious. It accounts also for the favorable influence even to the prevention
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Special advantages of Mathet Catltjs Gluten Capsttles. Being formed f fcMn transparent and
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