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from other methods of treatment. — Centralhlatt fuer in-

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and found to have well-marked intestinal lesion ; and one case ia

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ointment containing an amount of pyrogallol, varying from

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was of no use before relief of the right ventricle,

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When chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride is used alone, drowsi-

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Recently Petroff of Saranac Lake, New York, has described a new

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the type of organism frequently varies in the different coun-

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than in the pericardium, of which 208 were active. Of

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quately controlled. The important physiologic factors in this regard

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colour produced by phosphoric acid and traces of molybdic acid.

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medical staff at Wild Rose, Wis. In 1951 he established

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tric juice. Gastric glands are little chemical laboratories

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Hitherto surgeons have claimed syphilis as their peculiar field;

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into alkali which should be plastered on and covered

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tion first arose on the appearance of faecal vomit.

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not universally held, but I think I may assert confidently

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affects the upper, rarely the lower limbs, and is character-

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The Second, to Wm. A. Hammond, M. D., assistant Surg. U. S. A.

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embittering and abridging the unhappy patient's existence by

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tion, that gratuitous medical services are vicious in

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small sacs are formed. Everything that irritates the lower bowel,

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business for about a year, and had to run frequently

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Prolonged rest in the recumbent posture, on account of the fact that

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in large doses have practically no influence upon the system. [Dent.

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be carried in the handle ; the entire instrument with its con-

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applied by the employment of at least another assistant.

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present, I think, could be hardly looked upon as a fair expression of the views of the

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the weight of the specimen of blood used. The other specimen is set aside

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years as in youth, as it is known that the danger of open fractures in-

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Morton, and Dr. Gould read aloud a list of names which

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shorter. This is not pathological, but is due to the increased thickness

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ble in water and is both non-irritating and non-poison-

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neal adhesions having previously taken ])lace, [lerloration may open a com-

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6. Total Extirpation of Thyroid Gland. 6. F. Cott, Buffalo.

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uses," on p. 512. The illustrations are numerous, while the

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country are almost terra incognita from a pharmacologic stand-

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subject into a more homogeneous and satisfactory whole. His

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that " nux vomica or strychnia appears, either directly or